10 Reasons to Choose Social Screen For Your Film

Choosing a website, crowdfunding platform and distribution model for your film is a big decision. We think that choosing Social Screen to handle all of this is the best decision you'll make for your film. Read on to find out why.

1: Keep your audience in one place

You want your audience to stick with you, right? (See points 9 and 10). If you try to herd your fans from one platform to the next, setting up profiles in different places and then abandoning them, you are going to lose those fans. You need your fans! Keep them close. With Social Screen you have the tools to engage your fans, and a mailing list that you will grow and grow.

2: Have an easy, free website

In our experience websites are either free... or easy to manage and create. Never both. Which is crazy. We promise that Social Screen is super easy to set up and manage. Your cat could probably do it.

3: Scale up and down when you need to 

We also know that there will be periods of time, and you don't know yet how long they'll be, when you have very little finance for your film, or are temorarily diverted onto another project. That's fine. Scale down to a basic site which is completely free. You can scale back up again the moment you need to.

4: Reward crowdfunding campaign

What was that about financing? You need funds! You can run your own crowdfunding campaign within your own website. This means that all the effort that you put into your campaign is retained. Your audience is retained. All that audience engagement is retained. You continue that relationship with your fans once the campaign is over, because they are all there on your website. A rewards based campaign can give you vital funds, and is also a great way to build audience engagement.

5: Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a small but growing way for independent film-makers to finance their film. If you have a solid business plan and can make a good argument that your film is going to make money, then equity crowdfunding could be a smart move for your film. We can provide an equity crowdfunding platform within your website. Smart.

6: Grab attention of buyers and distributors

Social Screen is in a unique position to find the indie feature films that everyone is excited about, even before the film is made. Buyers and distributors have told us that this is very interesting indeed. Get your film, and its buzz, seen by potential buyers and distributors early.

7: Be part of a network

As Social Screen grows, you will be part of a growing network of film makers and fans. We will be asking you what you want from that network, and have big plans already to make your screens even more social.

8: Manage multiple films

You can have more than one film website on Social Screen. Log into your dashboard and manage all your films at once. Only one password needed! Phew.

9: Engage and grow your audience

Really, it's all about the journey of your film, and about you taking that journey along with your audience. Your fans are going to be much more engaged in, and excited about, your film if they have been involved from the start. Give them the opportunity to follow the story, get behind the scenes insights into the shoot and development, maybe crowd-source some elements, then watch your audience grow in size and loyalty.

10: Sell your film

Once your film is complete, you're going to need that audience. Upload your film, set your price, tell your fans, and sell your film to the audience who have been with you throughout the journey.


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