Get Your Trailer Seen by Hollywood Execs

If you have a film site on Social Screen there's a good chance you want to get your film's trailer seen by as many people as possible. But what if you could get it seen by Hollywood execs who are looking for film content?

We're partnering with The Trailer Film Festival in LA to help film-makers across the world get their projects financed and made. 

The Trailer Film Festival is a unique event.  Only trailers are screened and the audience is exclusively film industry. The goal is for the industry to request the film or script attached to the trailer.  

If you have a completed work or script, you can submit your trailer for consideration. Of all the trailers received, 60 will be selected for the online version of the festival, and 25 will be featured in the LA screening room event.

Last year, 100 producers, distributors and studio execs, including Fox, Paramount and Disney, attended The Trailer Film Festival. This year, Netflix, Amazon, Sony and Paramount are signed up to attend, with more yet to be announced.

45 filmmakers received requests for their films or scripts from last year's festival. Some had multiple requests which brought the total to 95.  

Will you be catching the eye of Netflix this year? Head over to The Trailer Film Festival website to find out more about submitting your trailer.


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