How To Contribute to a Film Campaign

If you've found a film crowdfunding campaign on Social Screen that you would like to support, it's easy as pie to make a contribution. Simply follow these steps.

1: Select Your Perks

If you have just arrived at your chosen film's homepage, you will see a button that says 'SUPPORT THIS FILM'. You can click on this to find out more about the campaign, and see the perks on offer. Once you've selected a perk, simply click on the perk amount. 

2: Make Sure You're Signed In

To make a contribution, you will need to be registered with Social Screen and signed in. If you've  not logged into Social Screen, then you will be prompted to register or sign in now. The sign in screen that you see will give you the option to log in. If you haven't yet registered with the site, just click 'register' at the bottom of the sign in box.

3: Enter Your Payment Details

Next, you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details. All payments are processed by our payment processing provider, Stripe, who power many of the world's best crowdfunding platforms. When you enter your details you will have the option to store your card in Stripe for convenience. If you do decide to store your card, then you will be able to make payments using an instant verification code in future. Find out more about storing your card here.


And that's it! Once you've made your contribution you will receive a notification email to confirm your payment. Now you can just sit back, wish the project well, and wait for your perks to arrive.

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