How to Prep Your Film Crowdfunding Campaign

Running a crowdfunding campaign requires time, energy, dedication, a little bit of magic... and a solid plan. Not sure where to start? Give yourself a hand with these tips for planning.

1: 50/50... plus an extra 20

We suggest allowing an equal amount of time for planning as you do for actually running your campaign. Once your campaign is live, it can be difficult to step back and think strategically about your approach as you respond to tweets, contributions and well-wishes. Expect so split your time 50/50 between planning and doing. And don't forget to allow extra time after the close of your campaign to thank your contributors and fulfil any perks.

2: Know your Audience

A big part of planning your campaign is identifying who your audience is. You will probably have a handful of potential audience groups. Who will your project appeal to? It could be sci-fi fans, people who have read the book you're adapting, passionate advocates of the subject of your documentary, or fans of your director's previous work. Once you've identified your audience, it's a lot easier to plan your campaign approach.

3: Create a Schedule

There are some jobs that a just suited to a solid spreadsheet, and this is one of them. You can play around with what layout works best for you, but we tend to create a line for each week (do it by day instead if you want to get super detailed!), and a column for each communication tool: Facebook, Instagram, paid ads, press releases, live events, emails to friends, etc. Once you have your grid you can start scheduling in your activity. Be bold!

4: Prep your Team

This is going to be easier if you can get your whole team involved. Share your plan and schedule, and agree some tasks that can be taken on by others in your team. Everyone should be reaching out to their own contacts in addition to the main campaign, so make sure the cast and crew are aware of the campaign and ready to share your posts and tweets.


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