Solo! Now Available to Watch on Social Screen

If the first glimmers of spring sunshine have got you yearning for sunny climes, then Solo! is the film for you this week. The Solo! team successfully crowdfunded nearly £10,000 on Social Screen to make their film. The result? A gorgeous feel-good film that is striking a chord with film festivals around the world.


Solo! Trailer from Jonathan Hall on Vimeo.

Solo! is an upbeat, PG, romantic comedy musical.  Think Once in the sun, and with a happy ending, or Mammia Mia on a tiny scale; with elements of Pitch Perfect and Brassed Off. Now, you can watch Solo! on the film's Social Screen website. Rental is £5.49. Actual vitamin B12 included with every stream.

Actually, we're not sure we can verify the vitamin content. But it is certain to make you smile. Watch it now here.

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