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<p>Social Screen currently supports short and feature film projects of all types.</p>
<p>Yes you can set up as many film projects as you like, and your fans will be able to see that you&rsquo;re connected to them all. You can manage all your film sites from your dashboard when you log in.</p>
You can add your film at any stage of development, from early pre-production right up until post-release.
There are lots of benefits to setting up your site on Social Screen. Social Screen allows you to be part of a community of film makers and fans and grow your audience. When you need to crowdfund or want to distribute your film, it means you can do so right there where your fans are. See our page on the benefits of using Social Screen.
Easy! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Just go to your Account to change your plan.
<p>Your blog posts will be archived, which means that they won&rsquo;t be visible on your site while you are on the Basic plan. If you upgrade to the Pro plan at any stage your old blog posts will become visible again.</p>
<p>There are three subscription plan: Basic, Premium and Pro. Visit the subscriptions page to find out costs and decide which one is right for you. As we are currently in BETA, all subscription plans are FREE. If you sign up now, you stay on the FREE plan forever.</p> <p>Social Screen also charges 4% of any crowdfunding raised, and there are additional setup and completion fees for equity campaigns.</p> <p>Social Screen charges 15% of any money raised through sales of your film.</p> <p>Our payments processing provider also charges a fee of 1.4% + 20p for every transaction.</p>
<p>Social Screen charges 4% of all crowdfunding raised, and 17% of money raised from the distribution of films on the website.Our payments processing provider also charges a fee of 1.4% + 20p for every transaction. See the Crowdfunding and Distribution sections for more details.</p>
No - knock yourself out. Your site will benefit from lots of photo and video content, and your fans will appreciate posts, polls and competitions.
You do. Social Screen does not take ownership of any content that you publish on the Social Screen site. However, we do retain the right to use images and videos posted on the site solely for the purposes of promoting Social Screen and your film.
Being part of Social Screen means extra links which is great for search engine optimisation (SEO). Make sure your site is properly tagged with lots of links to make the most of this.
<p>Yes. You can run either a reward or an equity campaign from within your own site.</p> <p>Our equity crowdfunding functionality is provided by ShareIn.&nbsp;</p>
We offer a choice of either reward crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding. If you choose an equity campaign, you could add perks as part of the offer.
There are no minimum or maximum amounts for a reward campaign. Equity campaigns need to be between £40,000 and £1,000,000.
<p>Crowdfunding is only available to projects on the Pro plan. You can upgrade for free to access this functionality.</p>
<p>You can create your campaign directly from your dashboard.</p> <p>If you are running an equity campaign you will need to&nbsp;upload your proposal which will be assessed by our team. If we believe it is suitable for equity investment we will contact you to arrange your campaign functionality.</p> <p>For a reward campaign you will need to set your target and end date, and set your perks. Read our tips on setting up a successful campaign.</p>
<p>Think about asking your friends and contacts to invest, reach out to fans of your previous films, look for company sponsors. Use social media to promote your campaign to its target audience - there are share buttons on your campaign. Your project will also be promoted through Social Screen. Read our tips on harnessing the power of social media to boost your campaign.</p>
A campaign ends either because the time is up or you’ve reached your target (or stretch target).
<p>The contributor's&nbsp;money is taken via direct debit using Stripe&nbsp;and paid into your bank account at the time of the donation.</p>
<p>The flexible model is &lsquo;keep what you get&rsquo; - you keep any money that you raise, even if you don&rsquo;t reach your target. The fixed funding model is &lsquo;all or nothing&rsquo; - you only get the money if you reach your target.</p> <p>We currently offer the flexible funding model for rewards crowdfunding, and the fixed funding model for equity crowdfunding.</p>
<p>If you are running a flexible rewards campaign it is possible to exceed your target.</p> <p>For an equity campaign, if you only set one target then this can&rsquo;t be exceeded. If you set an initial target plus an optional stretch target, then the stretch target can&rsquo;t be exceeded.</p>
<p>Social Screen charges 4% of all crowdfunding money raised through all reward campaigns.</p> <p>If you are running an equity campaign, Social Screen charges 4% of all money raised, as well as a &pound;1000 set up fee and a &pound;500 completion fee.</p> <p>All payment processing charges are in addition to these charges.</p>
The independent film industry is a growing £2 billion market and an exciting place to invest. A film investment is much more than just a business decision - it’s a chance to be part of an exciting, creative project, to be in the credits on the big (or small) screen. If you are a film fan or want to invest in a cultural business, then film investment can be rewarding on many levels… including financially. Some of the most successful films in the cinema recently were independent - see our overview of this burgeoning industry.
Investment, whether in new or existing businesses, carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is consequently very speculative. As an investor, you should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies (all the companies listed on the Social Screen website as equity campaigns are private). There could be difficulty in selling such investments at a reasonable price and, in some circumstances, it may be difficult to sell them at any price.
<p>There are some very generous tax breaks to encourage investment in early stage companies in the UK. The schemes are referred to as the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise investment Scheme (EIS). Visit the UK government website for <a title="eis and seis investment schemes" href="" target="_blank">details</a>.</p>
Each campaign will explain what it is raising funds for and what will happen to the funds if the target isn’t raised.
Social Screen features a high quality player that you can use to sell your film. Simply upload your film, set your paywall and click ‘publish’.
<p>It&rsquo;s completely up to you. You set your price, and you can change it at any time. Social Screen will take 20% of the revenue, which includes all the payment processing fees.</p>
<p>We charge&nbsp;15% of the money you raise from self-distribution on Social Screen.&nbsp;Our payments processing provider also charges a fee of 1.4% + 20p for every transaction.</p>
Yes, you can distribute on as many other platforms as you like.

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