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After discovering that the guy of her dreams plans on attending Stanford, Cassie does whatever it takes to be accepted, even if it means doing things that may get her kicked out of school if she gets caught.

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Dropping The S Bomb

Christina Kim
Scene from a Spanish village

A young Englishman arrives in a remote, run-down Spanish village and has to reform their band – before they find out that it was his dad who ruined the village in the first place.

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Jonathan Hall , 2019
Main image for Wigilia

A traditional Polish feast on Christmas Eve, Wigilia includes an extra place at the table should an unknown wandering pilgrim arrive.

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Grant Mcphee , 2016
Brina and Ken Boothe singing Robert Burns poems

In 1876 Robert Burns, national poet of Scotland, booked a ticket for a ship’s passage to Jamaica… In 2015 Jamaican singers and musicians began recording Robert Burns’ songs.

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Jamaica Sings Burns

Kieran Murray

Benchmark 6 is a fictional documentary showing the results of a catastrophic accident with the UK's Trident nuclear weapon system. The film shows the potential humanitarian consequences of hosting nuclear weapons.

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Benchmark 6

David Newbigging

The film Crypsis is about a gay man who was forced to flee his country because of his sexuality. To succeed with his asylum claim he must go on a traumatic journey as he explores the underground queer scene.

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Siobhan Fahey
Where do we go from here poster detail

A heartwarming romantic comedy coming of age film that you can take your grandparents to.

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Wish you where here

In the not so distant future, two escaped mental patients set out on an adventure of their own making but are they running away or towards danger.

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1949, a French explorer goes on a solitary expedition in the Amazon forest. He leaves behind him a diary that reflects the meaning of Pure Life and his encounters but he also leaves the mystery of his own disappearance...

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The Pure Life (La Vie Pure)

Pierre-Richard Muller

Marina or Marinus? We are in 630AD. The monastic life is forbidden to women. Marina disguises herself as a man, enters a monastery and wins the fight. But scandal erupts - she is kicked out. Marinus is accused of fathering a child

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Tony Farjallah
The outside of the hospital in Serbia

When ground-breaking Scottish Suffragist and surgeon Elsie Inglis is captured by German forces whilst running a military hospital in Serbia, she finds herself on a terrifying journey into the unknown.

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In a crumbling Dartmoor farmhouse, several generations gather to celebrate the last birthday of their free-spirited matriarch Marianne, a woman forged in the drug-fuelled heyday of 60s Britain, who is now on her deathbed.

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Us Among the Stones

Thembisa Cochrane

The story of a young fugitive in search of a nonexistent home. In his aim to belong somewhere he is a hazard to himself and his surroundings.

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Bodkin Ras

Admin User
Wildcats (circa 1990)

Eli Marshall is a small time crook. While on the run from the Police after wielding a baseball bat at a shopkeeper, he finds himself in the middle of the tryouts for the Wildcats, Scotland's worst baseball team.

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Stealing Second

David Barras

Bamboo grows naturally In indonesia and has played an important roll in different communities throughout history. We want people to further appreciate this amazing grass preserving its traditional use now and for the future.

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Bamboo Path

villecourt elven
Image from poster for Cops and Monsters - a web series by Fraser Coull

Cops and Monsters is a web-series created by Fraser Coull. It's a story about finding your humanity in a world of monsters. Produced by Lindsay Dowell.

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Cops and Monsters

Fraser Coull , 2018

Destined to be among the great virtuosos of jazz, Thomas Chapin, an alto sax and flute master, was nearing the pinnacle of his meteoric rise when leukemia took him at the age of 40 in 1998.

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Thomas Chapin: Night Bird Song

Stephanie Castillo

La película muestra como un grupo humano, alejado del capitalismo, logran construir un movimiento que generá felicidad en la ciudad a través de actos colectivos organizados de arte. Hackearan las comunicaciones el mundo entero.

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Still from Electric Man

A comic caper about a pair of comicbook shop owners who happen across a very special comic.

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Electric Man

David Barras
Character in Nothing To Declare

Is the end of the world just around the corner? No. It’s just across the hall…

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Storyboard art for In The Darkest Hour

Language is a code: to break the code, the man who knows the code must be broken.

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A Moroccan road movie looking for Boujemaa love . The transforming journey of a man on his way to meet the lady he wants from Morocco to CORSICA.

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YMMA (Mother)

Pierre-Richard Muller

Set in the near future, Rapture 2.0 follows the footsteps of Mia, a technologically advanced artificial being who has been created to satisfy the needs of men who have been diagnosed with HIV.

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Native Immigration - Screenshot

A mockumentary about a new shocking phenomenon named by the experts as 'Native Immigration'. We will put a face to people like Manuel, Olamilekan and Chen Lee, who have discovered that... they are immigrants.

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Native Immigration

Eric Romero
Still from the film Wasted

Wasted is an uncompromising and gritty film about two young lovers, Connor and Suzanne, two street working prostitutes who meet up again after many years apart.

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Wendy Griffin , 2017
Still from Billy

A retired widower moves into a new home with terrifying results!

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Johnny Farrell

Kat has a plan, and with one bright, unstoppable teenager, one bipolar dad off his meds, a dysfunctional family and a giant firework full of lithium, what could possibly go wrong?

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China Panda is a surreal drama about Xia and Phebe Huang, a single mother and daughter who run and live above a Chinese takeaway shop in Glasgow.

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China Panda

Daisy Costello

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