Why we are making this film

We would like to make this film because this is a topic that has been left untouched by other filmmakers. We want to give an honest portrayal of body dysmorphia and show what Emma goes through. Without focusing on the negative. We want to show her colourful world, without denying the dark sides. We think this film will make a difference to Emma and to the people who will watch it.


Help us raise the funds needed in making this film happen! 

What we need the money for? 

Our first cost will be transport, we need to get the crew and the heavy equipment to and from locations for filming.

We will also need to feed the crew during the long shooting days. 

Finally, we will need to cover the costs of additional equipment such as hard drives to store the footage and specialist items for lighting and sound. 

We would really appreciate any donation you can give to our film!