In 1876 Robert Burns, national poet of Scotland, booked a ticket for a ship’s passage to Jamaica… In 2015 Jamaican singers and musicians began recording Robert Burns’ songs.

Facing hardship and crises in 1876 Robert Burns, National Poet of Scotland, booked a ticket for a ship’s passage to Jamaica to go and work as a bookkeeper.  Ultimately Burns did not sail to Jamaica, his first book of poetry was published – and the rest is history.

But what if Burns had gone to Jamaica, what would his songs have sounded like had they been absorbed into the Jamaican musical repertoire and sung in Jamaican musical styles such as Reggae, Nyabinghi, Mento and Dancehall – in a mix Scots, Patwa (the Jamaican language) and English?

To answer this question, Scottish producer Kieran C Murray and Jamaican singer Brina began the recording and production ofJamaica Sings Robert Burns in July 2015 in Kingston, Jamaica. In recording this album with some of Jamaica’s best singers, musicians and bands, Burns’ work is heard in a completely new light. This album may yet be the biggest musical cross-cultural collaboration ever attempted between Scotland and Jamaica and introduces a new audience to the timeless works of Robert Burns, and also brings infectiously enjoyable Reggae music to Burns’ fans via familiar songs.

The album will feature Jamaican artistes such as the legendary vocalist Ken Boothe O.D., Brina, Cherine Anderson, Rootz Underground, Nickeishia Barnes, Berri, Addis Pablo and others. Musicians on the album have played and recorded with the likes of Bob Marley, The Wailers, Raging Fyah and many of Jamaica’s leading acts.

Follow us on this Caribbean journey, discover and listen to some of Jamaica’s finest voices delivering an exciting and ground-breaking fusion of Burns’ songs and Jamaican music…. and yes, there are some Scottish bagpipes in the mix as well!