Us Among the Stones

Fundraising to finish the feature film US AMONG THE STONES shot in a medieval farmhouse on the moors of Devon with a wonderful ensemble cast (and some sheep). Already shot, we need this final amount to finish grade and sound.

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The Poetess from Inverness

Dear supporter,

Welcome to our first blog entry! You are here at an auspicious time, as we have just launched our campaign to fund the last of the post production on our feature film US AMONG THE STONES.

To begin with, we wanted to introduce you to SUE MITCHELL, the poetess from Inverness, a friend of director D.R Hood who kindly agreed to join our shoot on the moors. The highs and lows of our creative family inspired her to write a daily haiku, the full collection you can have as one of our crowdfund perks.

And so, because we love Sue and her Haikus, we have made one for her:


I will come and help out on your film shoot, said the poetess from Inverness

Do you know what you are saying? You've just left your job! It won't be glamorous!

You're about to move up west

You should be writing poetry about the Highlands and wild swimming

You don't want to come down and help on my film shoot

I am curious

I tend to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

I will drive the actors in my maroon peugeot around the Devon lanes

I'll come from my own set of stones, the corries and the stacks, down to your set of stones, the tors and the boulders


The peugeot conked out halfway down

The poetess ended up scrubbing the floors and cooking for thirty

The poetess was promoted very swiftly

She became Unit Manager


The water ran out

The toilets didn't flush

People got drunk


It was beautiful

The poetess was inspired to write...

She hadn't planned it that way....

She wanted to give the director a lift and a thought for the day


The poems uplifted the scene

Like a prayer

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