Us Among the Stones

Fundraising to finish the feature film US AMONG THE STONES shot in a medieval farmhouse on the moors of Devon with a wonderful ensemble cast (and some sheep). Already shot, we need this final amount to finish grade and sound.

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Welcome! Thank you for taking a moment to support our film.

We need your help to complete the film US AMONG THE STONES by allowing us to access top notch sound design through award winning Aquarium Studios and to do our colour grade with Dirty Looks. These are partner companies who have worked on oustanding films like Disobedience, Pin Cushion, Lady Macbeth.

Our film has been a labour of love from the start, with incredible support from cast and crew all the way through, and all this work deserves to be seen on cinema screens - please help us share our final film with you!

Meet our magnificent director, cinematographer and editor in the video above, have a look at perks on this page and read our blog to hear more about the story behind our film - and our Poetess from Inverness!

On social screen, we keep everything we raise, so thank you very much for your donation and we look forward to sharing our perks with you!

£9030 raised

Ended 31/10/2018.

113% of £8000

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