Wasted is an uncompromising and gritty film about two young lovers, Connor and Suzanne, two street working prostitutes who meet up again after many years apart.

Directed by Caroline Paterson and Stuart Davids of Raindog, Wasted is an uncompromising film about two young lovers, Connor (Neil Leiper)  and Suzanne (Emma Hartley-Miller).

Thrown together by fate as children, Connor and Suzanne share a dark secret that will bind them together  for life. The story follows them as they reconnect on the streets of Glasgow, after many years apart .  As their relationship deepens and both begin to understand the nature of their love for one another, they struggle to articulate their closeness.  ut one night changes everything and leads to a startling revelation.

We follow Connor and Suzanne into into a hidden world of addiction and prostitution where we get to meet Michelle (Kate Dickie), a young heroin addict who longs to bring up her daughter, but can't give up her chaotic life; Joe (David Hayman) a long term heroin addict,who is frightened by the world outside, and a punter (Gary Lewis) who is convinced that he doesn't pay for sex. Through their stories we experience a community of young people who have been forgotten by society and start to get to know and understand the lives they need to live.

Wasted tells the story of lives that have been involuntarily damaged forever.  It is a compassionate film that is fiercely naturalistic and improvisational.

The film focuses on an underclass that exists in 21st century Britain.  It humanises those caught in a continuing cycle of poverty, sexual abuse and addiction; those involved in the clandestine world of sexual exploitation; the men who buy and the men who trade sex.     

It is a picture of love and its pitiable fate.  An unforgettable and moving  love story of two young people who cling to each other for hope and survival.