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Social Screen is the only platform in the world that gives filmmakers the tools to crowdfund, buzz-build and distribute their own film on their own website.


Build an Audience

With full control over your own website, on its own URL and connected to your social media activity, you can start to build an engaged audience from Day Zero.

Your website grows with your production, including a blog, gallery, cast & crew details, and of course video content.


Raise Funding

We have partnered with crowdfunding specialists ShareIn, who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, to provide you with access to equity and reward based campaigns.

Manage your campaign alongside your website, and provide your backers with peace oif mind and security when supporting your productions.



Maintain strong links with your social media activity and following - your website polls in social activity and encourages following and sharing.

Stay engaged with your fans from inception through fundraising to production and launch.



Launch your films with a ready-made audience of loyal fans on our site. As well as maintaining your own following, you'll have access to fans of independent cinema across the globe.

We take car of payment processing and proivde a high quality viewing experience on any device.


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